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Spirit of the Dance

Spirit of the Dance is one of the most successful shows ever to come out of Ireland and has consistently smashed box office records across the UK, Europe,the USA, Canada, Brazil, Australia, and Asia. This Blockbusting Broadway style Irish production is now acknowledged as one of the entertainment world's premier attractions and played to over 10 million people across the globe. Our show, which is now in its fourth year causes a sensation wherever it goes.Theatres report record breaking ticket sales as soon as dates of Spirit of the Dance are announced..

Irish in origin, electrifying in effect and bursting with power, Spirit of the Dance is more than a dance show. It is a breathtaking production that combines show-stopping Irish dance with a passionate storyline and hauntingly beautiful love songs as the ethereal Spirit searches for her true love.

Spirit of the Dance was conceived, created and produced by David King, who also co-wrote the wonderful music and songs.

The Australian press hail him as "the best new writing talent to come out of England since Andrew Lloyd Webber", and the CD "Spirit of the Dance- The New Millennium" has become a world wide hit.

Spirit of the Dance stars the Irish International Dance Company, one of the most dynamic dance troupes in the world. They sound like a runaway express train and their frenzied skill and precision sends shivers down your spine. Not one black Irish shoe steps out of line as thirty pairs of thunderous feet dance as one to deliver foot-stamping excitement that leaves you gasping for breath. They masterfully weave together powerful Irish energy with the primeval forces of tap dance, jazz, Red-hot Salsa and flamenco.

Night after night audiences give this electrifying production foot-stamping standing ovations as the show dramatically weaves it's way to it's powerful climax.

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