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A próbán - MF Próba - MF és a táncosok Próba - Bernadette Flynn - MF - Gillian Norris Daire Nolan Próba a pázsiton Londonban Michael készül Az elõadás elõtt Próba Michael & Daire MF & Bernadette Flynn Daire az elõadás elõtt Michael MF és az egyik táncos MF & Anne Buckley Michael bemelegít Cora - MF - Mairead MF & Helen Egan

Bernie & MF Catherine Collins Laura Duffy, Our Wedding Day, T3 Troupe 4 Myra Watters, T4 Troupe 4 Damien O'Kane mint Lord of the Dance Cian Nolan, a Dark Lord Kelly Hendry, Des Bailey, Bernadette Flynn Troupe 2 T2, Planet Ireland T2, Siamsa Flute Jam Planet Ireland Siamsa Kelly Hendry és Bernadette Flynn

Breakout Cry of the Celts - finálé Cry of the Celts - Gillian, Bernadette, Kelly Cry of the Celts Feet of Flames Feet of Flames Lord of the Dance Michael repül A varázscipõk Victory Planet Ireland Warlords MF - Feet of Flames Dearbhla Lennon & Helen Egan Cora - Michael - Mairead Michael a levegõben Michael Bernie Daire Nolan Gillian Norris Michael Flatley Des Bailey Derek Moran, Caroline Fahy, Kelly Hendry, Daire, Bernadette, Dearbhla,?,?,Ger Hayes,? Daire & Michael Kelly Hendry & Bernadette Flynn MF & Dave Keary Eamonn Byrne Anne Buckley Cora & Mairead Helen Egan Anne Buckley - Carrickfergus Bernie - Dance Of Love MF - Whistling Wind 'Yess! Yess! Jók voltunk!'

Not for sale to minors! Venus and Adonis by Titian - Venus: Wait, don`t go... Adonis: I must, they`re playing the overture!' Matisse - Dance from Dantes Inferno Michelangelo - David in Florence, Italy Michelangelo - David in Florence, Italy The Egg Dance by Peter Aertsen - notice the Dark Lord looking on enviously At an undisclosed location near Las Vegas - Michael recently met with a secret admirer The Solid Gold Funerary Mask of King Tutankhamun A tribute to my two favorite Irish dancers: Gene Kelly and Michael Flatley! 'I coulda been a contenda!' 'Now there's another reason to drink milk!' Claude Monet - Riverdance aka Poplars on the Epte The Awakening of Narcissus by John Waterhouse - Blarney Castle in the background A sketch by Leon Bakst for La Peri (1911) Mount Dancemore Solid gold artifact found on recent National Geographic expedition 'Ooo-ooo-ooo-ooo! Stayin Alive' Andy Warhol Michael Michael Michael Michael Ryan Harrison-Leslie Nielsen as Lord of the Violin Michael Ryan Flatley as Lord of the Dance Michael Flatley a Lord of the Dance

Kelly Hendry, Bernadette Flynn, Helen Egan Kelly Hendry, Michael Flatley, Bernadette Flynn Michael & Kelly Bernie, Kelly, ? Michael & Kelly Michael & Kelly Daire Nolan Gillian Norris Gillian Norris Gillian Norris Wooooooow! :) Bernadette és Damien Fiona Harold, Cora Smyth, Chelsea Muldon Dearbhla Lennon & MF Bernie és Marie Duffy-M a Feet of Flames elõtt Kelly Hendry Michael és az édesapja Michael és testvére, Patrick

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