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Ír tánccsoport, amelyet az egykori Riverdance szólótáncosok, Jean Butler és Colin Dunne hoztak létre. A történet alapja egy õsi ír mítosz, Diarmuid és Grainne legendája, amit nálunk is elolvashatsz ha ide kattintasz!

Starring Jean Butler and Colin Dunne, supported by a thirty-strong elite company of Irish dancers and features a powerful and haunting original score by Seamus Egan, performed live. Dancing on Dangerous Ground promises to be the dance sensation for the new millennium.

Dancing on Dangerous Ground is the thrilling new Irish dance drama based on Celtic Legend's most passionate and enduring love story the tragic romance of Diarmuid & Grainne. Like Romeo & Juliet, like Lancelot & Guinevere, Diarmuid and Grainne become consumed by such overwhelming and reckless desire that the harmony of their world is shattered beyound redemption.

Grainne is the beautiful yet wilful daughter of the Irish High King who was chosen to marry Finn McCool, a much older man and the revered leader of Ireland's warrior force, the Fianna. Diarmuid is Finn's most loyal and trusted comrade, dashing and handsome, a man who could set any woman's heart ablake. On Finn and Grainne's wedding day Diarmuid and Grainne's paths fatefully collide igniting the flames of wild, illicit passion and so begin, their headlong flight into exill where a terrible fate awaits them.

Director: Ian Judge
Set & Costume: Tim Hatley
Lighting: Pat Collins
Original Choreography: Jean Butler & Colin Dunne

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